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Communities for renewables CIC (CfR) 

CfR CIC provides at risk consultancy services to local energy cooperatives seeking to develop renewable electricity and renewable heat projects in their locality with the aim of facilitating local ownership, local income generation and where possible local energy supply arrangements.It also helps developers engaging with community development. 

CfR CIC has recently purchased the UKs largest community wind farm and completed a number of other trail blazing projects. 

Climatechangematters invests its time to assist in major industry campaigns

For further information contact : Jonathan Johns

telephone: 07831486987 country code 44

landline/fax 01392496864

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Content relevant to high energy users , businesses subject to the CRC and communities seeking to transition to the low carbon economy.

Autumn statement 2016

Dear Chancellor  5 requests

1.Why not introduce tax exempt infrastructure bonds issued by public and other qualifying bodies whereby interest paid is exempt at basic rate thereby letting the people invest and avoiding middleman costs?. Facilitate low cost stock exchange quotes to create a secondary market.

 2.Indeed why not allow the first £100,000 of basic rate tax exempt infrastructure bonds to be inherited tax deferred until such time as the recipient sells or obtains repayment ? Thereby encouraging cross generational support for infrastructure investing and creating a genuine alternative to moribund savings accounts . Let the people help build uk infrastructure and participate in building a reinvigorated economy.

3.Why not zero stamp duty on zero carbon homes?

4.Why not 100 per cent capital allowances for energy storage ?

5.Is the carbon floor price sustainable given the fall in EU ETS prices to record low levels . Why not replace with carbon added tax to help create level a playing field. Would not a carbon added tax  encourage Low carbon jobs and stop the exporting of pollution - whilst at the same time allowing high energy industries to compete?

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