As expected the low no of pages in the #spring budget is arguably the most environmentally friendly measure  other than the  consultation on applying landfill tax to fly tipping and the hint that the issues relating to diesel pollution will be addressed in the autumn statement. The research support for batteries and offshore are welcome.

The budget is confirmation that renewables industry destiny is its own hands . The new regime for carbon pricing will also be unveiled in the autumn with hints that a  new levy control framework will be much tighter for the 20's than previously.  Rather than the large helping hand of financial support from the state  that has given the industry such a boost in the current decade , regulatory reform is likely to be the key to government help to unlock the value of renewables : interestingly this sentient was reflected in the informal view ballot of suggestions held on linkedin opposite.

For renewables the 20's are going to be a self help decade as  innovation continues to drive down costs and make a fossil out of fossil fuel.

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Spring Budget 2017 Dear Chancellor suggestions linked in views ranking 

  1. Joint first Why not rewrite regulations to create a transparent energy market to allow high energy (then all consumers ) buy direct from generators using transmit distribute and balancing services alone contracts (hyper sleeving) combined with demand response .storage and remote net metering via block chain . Now that would be a singular single market .
  2.  Joint first  Why not establish real value for the rego ( renewable energy certificate of origin )by ensuring these are cashed in by those who pay for the carbon benefit to achieve greening and indeed can be bought and sold separate from the electrons so generators aren't compelled to sign Ppas valuing them at £1 .
  3.  Why not consult on a low or exempt vat rate on a wide range of  low carbon products post Brexit
  4.  Now is the time for tax exempt infrastructure bonds .why not issue via national savings to get ball rolling.
  5.  Why not grade stamp duty by building energy rating PlUS 20 per cent for G plus 10 per cent for F MINUS 5 per cent for C minus 10 per cent for B and minus 15 per cent for A. If adventurous Apply a similar scale for domestic rates . Net gain for treasury early years better estate later on. 
  6. Why not increase capital allowances for businesses that scrap old diesel vans and lorries and replace with low emissions petrol hybrid.
  7.  Increase capital allowances for domestic manufacture : they're  now worth much less due to reduced Corp tax rates .
  8.   consult on post Brexit removal of tariffs on solar panel imports for zero tariffs on uk low carbon exports including services to China. 
  9.  Why not  have a voluntary scheme for 10p deposit on plastic bottles and other containers backed up by powers to enforce if required .
  10.  Why not consult on a  post Brexit carbon added tax on imports to stop the export of dirty fuel jobs  .

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